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 We are a non-profit alliance of professional managing general   agents / wholesale brokers, working together to assist one   another to further our professional goals. 

Upcoming Meetings

NAGA meets in person at least twice a year (usually around WSIA meetings), and monthly via Zoom conference calls. We meet bi-annually for a large in-person meeting that allows family members to participate with us at a location that promotes networking, comradery, relaxation and a spirit of adventure.  In the past few years we’ve been to Homer, Alaska and Jackson Hole, WY, as well as the WSIA Meeting Locations.  We will be meeting somewhere Summer of 2022 when we are past COVID-19 protocols.

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NAGA Solutions, LLC

We not only have a great association, we’ve also created our own software platform, NAGA Solutions, LLC, which allows us to be a pipeline to carriers who have a niche product and want reliable, independent MGAs with generational experience and local expertise across all 50 States. If you have a product that you feel this group could market for you, please contact NAGA Solutions, LLC President Josh Korver.